Gaming Earphones Edifier GM180 plus Black

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Connection USB-C
Cable Length Approx. 1.3m
Volume control In-line
Driver unit 13mm
response 20Hz-20kHz
Impedance 32Ω
Sensitivity 92dB

The upgraded L-shaped Type-C plug
is usable on both sides. Plug and play
for a convenient gaming session.
Compared with ordinary straight plugs,
the L-shaped plug can reduce
damage caused by pulling and
bending and is more durable for
mobile games.
The unit is made of graphene,
and the three frequencies are
highly presented.
Specially tuned by Edifier Acoustic
Lab with its 26-year acoustic
experience, it delivers every detail
of HD audio and a robust
soundstage during every game.
The highly sensitive, wind noise
cancellation and all-directional
microphone picks up voice better.
Easily communicate with
teammates and command
throughout the game.
The compact and light body is
suitable for extended gaming
The ergonomic oblique semi-inear
design is comfortable and

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