IP Camera POE Reolink RLC-1224A Ultra HD

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12MP Ultra HD
Person/Vehicle Detection
Two-Way Audio
Power over Ethernet

Marvelous Visual Experience in 12MP
With F1.6 large aperture lens and 12MP ultra high definition,
RLC-1224A captures everything clearly and show you flawless pictures and videos.
You can easily view the hard-to-see details and enjoy the feast for eyes with sharp clarity.
This video was shared by Chris D., a Reolink customer.
Always Be Smart & Aware
Precise Detection, Premium Protection
Featuring person/vehicle detecting technology,
RLC-1224A will let you know whether a person or a vehicle
is on your property and send you accurate alerts.
You don’t have to waste time in checking all alarms to find the important ones.
Besides, when something suspicious is detected,
the camera’s built-in siren will sound to warn off unwanted guests.
Person/Vehicle Detection Accurate Alerts Without Subscription
Night Vision with Ultra Clarity & Color
RLC-1224A is equipped with a powerful spotlight that keeps on at night,
making night scenes as vivid as day.
You can see more details in full color without worrying about poor lights.
Powerful Spotlight Color Night Vision
Easy Remote Communication
With built-in mic & speaker,
RLC-1224A allows you to freely listen and talk back to
whoever the camera catches in real time.
Remote communication has never been so easy.
Microphone Speaker
This video was shared by Svein R., a Reolink customer.
Super Fun Time Lapse
RLC-1224A supports time-lapse function.
You can use it to keep track of your 3D printing,
see whole construction process in a few minutes,
or capture beautiful views from sunrise to sundown.
Just share the fun with your friends.
* This feature is incompatible when camera is connected to NVRs.
Flexible Recording Options
This smart IP camera supports 24/7 continuous, motion-triggered,
or scheduled recordings.
All the videos can be saved to the micro SD card,
Reolink NVR or FTP server. Choose a way you like and enjoy customized security.
Micro SD Card
Supports up to 256GB micro SD card (not included).
18.2hours 64GB/ 36.4hours 128GB/ 72.8hours 256GB
Figure based on the default bit rate of the cam (8192 kbps).
Actual recording time depends on the settings.
Results may vary.

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