Philips E14 LED Warm White Filament Candle Bulb 2W (25W) (LPH02435) (PHILPH02435)

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This Philips LED light bulb is made to be seen. With its candle-shaped design, clear glass and visible LED filament, this bulb looks very special. This imitates the authentic look of traditional light bulbs, but without all the drawbacks. This is because it is an LED bulb, which means that it doesn’t get as hot when it is switched on, which results in high energy saving levels and the light feels more comfortable and softer for the eyes. The LED bulb emits light that has a warm white light colour (2700K). This form of lighting is often considered very atmospheric and comes into its own in living areas, such as the bedroom or dining room. Add to that fixtures with a small fitting (E14), for example to chandeliers. Finally, this 2W candle bulb has a light output of 250 lumens and will last up to fifteen years with average use.

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