Philips E14 LED WarmGlow Filament Candle Bulb 2.5W (25W) (LPH02557) (PHILPH02557)

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With this LED lamp from Philips with WarmGlow technology you have the ideal light source for warm and atmospheric light. This technique ensures that during dimming not only the brightness of the light is adjusted, but also the color temperature. For example, when dimming, the light becomes warmer in color, and that with low energy consumption.

The LED lamp emits a warm white light. This color temperature can be adjusted from 2700K to 2200K by dimming, with the maximum light output being 340 lumens. The consumption is 2.5W (136 lumens per watt). The candle-shaped lamp with small fitting (E14) has a bright finish and a visible LED filament, and therefore comes out especially beautifully in open fixtures, chandeliers and stands.

The light emitted by the lamp also has a high colour rendering index (CRI value) of 90. This means that the light quality is high; the light colors look natural and very truthful.

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